Introducing the Affiliate Program LemonStand Module

December 06, 2013

Here at 320ny we really enjoy building stores using the LemonStand eCommerce platform. The platform has a great marketplace where you can include additional functionality into your store. This functionality is packaged into modules and themes that are built by the LemonStand core team and developers in the community. It is an easy way to extend the features of your store at a very low cost.

Today we are officially releasing a new module on the marketplace called Affiliate Program. This is our first public module so we are very excited about the opportunity to contribute back to a marketplace that we have benefited from. Building the module has definitely expanded our skills with the platform and has helped us appreciate the power of the LemonStand developer community. The current version of the module has been built over the past 2 months based on client and developer feedback.

The module itself allows you to easily set up an affiliate program where affiliates can sign up and help promote your store. As affiliates send customers your way the module will keep track of what orders were referred by who and what commission is owed via flexible commission rules. Payouts to affiliates are also generated and tracked within the module. The module installs seamlessly into the back-end of any LemonStand store without the need of any external software. Feel free to check out the module and let us know what you think.

You can learn about and install the module here. Further documentation, including API details, guides, and videos can be found here.